Paul Konchesky is the secret…

The clues are many, the candidates few.
Can you help us unmask:
"The Secret Footballer”?

Leading Candidates

Dave Kitson

Always thought he was more of a red top man… (more…)

Nicky Shorey

I’m Shorey writes the column (more…)

Danny Murphy

Sod’s law it’s him (more…)

Kevin Davies

His proof that he’s more than just a target man? (more…)

Peter Crouch

Spilling the beans no tall order for Crouchy? (more…)

Paul Konchesky

Left back in the press box? (more…)

Kevin Nolan

It’s Nolan, clearly, in black and white (more…)

Andrew Johnson

All in favour say AJ (more…)

Latest News

Paul Konchesky is the secret…

Paul Konchesky is the secret…

When we began to look for clues to work out the identity of The Secret Footballer it didn’t take too long for Paul Konchesky’s name to rise near top of the list. He fitted many of the clues including being a Premiership footballer in 2011. It’s today been revealed that Paul Konchesky is the secret […]

Secret Footballer

The Secret Footballer Ousting Himself

The Secret Footballer wants to come out, but he’s worried about the implications. We all want official confirmation of his identity, but not at a heavy price to him. So much insight and entertainment provided over the years. In an interview with Colin Murray on the BBC, he said, “Everyone wants to out me but […]

TSF: Survival Sunday in the 2007/08 Season

One of the most prominent clues as to the identity of the Secret Footballer is the claim that TSF was relegated on the final day of the season. We know that it is possible a red herring, but most take it as truth. TSF did face heartache on the last day of a season, and […]

The Real Identity Of The Secret Footballer

The Secret Footballer is an unknown sportswriter who reveals in-depth knowledge about the behind-the-scenes action regarding worldwide football. Alongside publishing numerous soccer-based books, the man behind the curtain is also a frequent writer for The Guardian and a variety of other top-level news media campaigns. As a result of the great success experienced by The […]

The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas

The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas

TSF’s new book, ‘The Secret Footballer: Access All Areas’ is finally out! And there is nowhere you’ll get it cheaper than here!

New Secret Footballers!

Harry Redknapp’s comments about 2 or 3 Spurs players not wanting to turn up for England give us some new secret footballers to ponder.

Is The Secret Footballer a left back?

Is The Secret Footballer a left back?

Arrivederci let’s have another 5-1!

The big shock of the tournament so far then. Italy WHIP the reigning champions Spain, many people’s favourites for a fourth consecutive trophy, 5-1.

A Fitting Start to the World Cup?

Is it fitting that the FIFA World Cup should begin with a match won thanks to corrupt acts by officials leading to a sense of injustice?

The World Cup is Coming!

We’re just a few weeks away now…! The Secret Footballer has already got his prediction in: “My three top tips to win the World Cup are …


A very well thought out article and one which Andre Villas Boas would do himself a favour in reading.

TSF out on Loan

He wasn’t getting a game and his manager ‘hated’ him. In the end TSF went out on loan.

England a Joke says TSF (and not a good one!)

Monty Python fan, The Secret Footballer, compares the England football team with a sketch from The Life of Brian.

TSF, Fergie and Keane

TSF talks about the revelations in Sir Alex Ferguson’s book and their repercussions on the footballing world and indeed on TSF himself.

Collated TSF Interviews

As he promotes his new book TSF is currently doing various interviews and dropping little clues. They’re all linked within this post.

TSF’s New Book is Out Today!

The new book from the Secret Footballer is out today and you can get it at cut price here

Tales from the Secret Footballer Book Competition Winners

Congratulations to the two winners of our Secret Footballer book competition…

Win the New Secret Footballer Book

We have a couple of copies of the new book, ‘Tales from The Secret Footballer’, to give away.

Who is The Secret Leaker?

The Secret Footballer knows who leaked Hodgson’s space monkey joke … and he gives us all the clues.

Losing Boozing Black Cats

No clues but some interesting insider revelations about Sunderland AFC in a rare midweek article from The Secret Footballer

Secret Footballer

The Secret Footballer’s Second Book

Buy the new Secret Footballer book, ‘Tales from the Secret Footballer’, here!

TSF Arrested

Somebody’s not a very happy secret footballer … and you can see why.

Falling Out of Favour

A clue laden personal account of being frozen out in TSF’s article today. The article focuses on Juan Mata’s current situation at Chelsea but TSF talks of his own experience at a club he’d been at ‘relatively recently’.

All About Arsene …and a BIG clue

In today’s article from The Secret Footballer it’s all about Arsene Wenger and how TSF feels he’s come in for unfair criticism.

The Secret Footballer’s Debuts

Some good clues to chew on this week as the Premier League and Spanish La Liga kick off.

Rooney’s 2 Foot Tackle

What a revelation by TSF…

Spurs and Chadli

Yesterday TSF’s article was about Spurs’ signing of Belgian winger Nacer Chadli and how TSF believes it is a win-win signing for the North London club. (more…)

TSF on Rooney and Moyes

This week’s article is focused on the latest episode in the Wayne Rooney V Manchester United drama.

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