UPDATE: As correctly pointed out by GeorgiDoesStuff on twitter and Saurya Sengupta (below) this could well be talking about another season as The Secret Footballer! Point 20 will now be removed from the checklist and a couple who’ve been ruled out reinstated…!

TSF revealingly tweeted this today:

“Got a chat about another season soon…all hangs on whether I get my 16 tickets to the Champions League final or not”

Taken literally it suggests he is a Manchester United player coming to the end of his career. In fact, it suggests he’s Michael Owen. But I’m pretty sure the latter half is a joke. (Backed up by a later tweet to someone referencing Owen that he’s glad “someone got the joke”.)

So, it confirms what we already know, that TSF is coming to the end of his career. But it also whittles down our pool of candidates to those who would be looking to talk about a new season.

So where does that leave our current candidates? Here you go:

Still in the running:
Lee Bowyer
Paul Konchesky
Luke Young
-all out of contract in the summer.

Possibly still in the running:
Scott Parker
Carlton Cole
-not out of contract but could possibly be discussing another year due to West Ham’s relegation.
Danny Murphy
Anton Ferdinand
-out of contract in summer 2012 so could possibly be talking of a one year extension.

Out of the running:

Michael Turner
Glen Johnson
-out of contract in 2013.
Michael Carrick
Joe Cole
-out of contract in 2014.

But what about other players we’ve not yet mentioned on the site? If you can think of anyone add them here.

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