Clues From His Tweets

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Below are clues from his tweets:

“Greatest song of all time: ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ followed by ‘I Am The Walrus’. Both by The Beatles.”

Posted a photo on Monday morning (April 18) with his Blackberry, location here. Next to a golf course though so he could have just been out for a round…

“Went with Tevez for POTY and YPOTY was Wilshere”
– Talking about his player of the year votes. This means he doesn’t play for Arsenal or Man City as you can’t vote for a player in your own team, and that he is currently playing in the Premiership.

17th May: “All I know is that 1 player I know has had one for 3 weeks but I don’t think anyone is sure how they work!” -Talking about superinjunctions. Not really a clue as he could ‘know’ any footballer!

20th May: “Got a chat about another season soon…all hangs on whether I get my 16 tickets to the Champions League final or not” – Taken literally it suggests he is a Manchester United player coming to the end of his career. In fact, it suggests he’s Michael Owen. But I think the latter half is a joke. So, it really just confirms what we know, that he’s coming to the end of his career. But then that would rule out certain candidates who already have next season sorted out…

23rd May: “I told a scout to sign Ibrahimovic from Malmo when he was 17.” Would suggest he played a game against Malmo when Ibra was 17 (1998-1999).
-Although England U-21s played Sweden twice in this time frame it doesn’t look like Ibra was in the squad. Also none of the other England youth teams played Sweden in this time.

23rd June: First run today, almost died but never EVER be the one that stops running first!! -Implies he’s a Fulham player as they went back a week before their first Europa qualifying game which was on 30th June.