Monty Python fan, The Secret Footballer, compares the England football team with a sketch from The Life of Brian. TSF says he hates watching England. I think the feeling is mutual amongst most part of the population.

Kyle Walker is one of a number of England players picked out as cause for head slapping in disbelief. A word advice for your forehead TSF, don’t watch Spurs every week!

It’s a very amusing article but alas no clues in it this week (unless you were present at the time -and have held a grudge since- when an 11 year old Secret Footballer swept a dead ball directly out of play).

sibling Judith is replaced by a frantic Hodgson kicking in the door to the FA’s boardroom and screaming: “We’ve just lost back-to-back games at Wembley for the first time since 1977 and it’s the World Cup finals next year!”

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