This fantastical modern day, footballing equivalent of the classic board game has taken another twist this weekend. After what I initially saw as a revelation that TSF played with Paolo Di Canio, I’ve now taken that clue back as just a possibility. I had initially got all excited that in not referencing Paolo using inverted commas (as he had previously done with “Tony”) TSF must actually have been referring to a player called Paolo. However, so many tweets and comments from you today have made me reconsider.

As a result I’ve split the checklist (found on each player’s page) into two sections: Known Facts (numbered) and Debatable Clues (lettered). Added to the latter alongside the Paolo clue is the statement about TSF having a daughter. It has also been pushed by a fair few people that TSF could have been speaking figuratively when he said ‘my daughter will be told to stay away from footballers’. As a result Scott Parker comes back out of the ‘candidates ruled out’ section.

Now, we need to do some detective work on our candidates – Go and look through the player pages: If there are points on the checklist not yet listed ‘For’ or ‘Against’ the player and you think they should be then find a link as evidence and post it as a comment on that player’s page.

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