In his article on the 19th of March The Secret Footballer talks about gambling on horses. Were you dining on a table in a tent at Cheltenham when a footballer tore up a load of £20 notes? If so, who was it. And who was he with?

“I once revelled in a team-mate’s generosity after he bought drinks for an entire tent full of people starting from the end of the race that his horse had won to the start of the next. “Happy hour” he called it. It cost him about £5,000. What I didn’t enjoy so much was the player who, at the same event, amassed about £25,000 over the course of six or seven races, picked up a wedge of £20 notes then tore them in half and threw them over a table of diners behind us already upset by our antics throughout the day.”

Or do you know who it was who entertained “Happy Hour”?