A very well thought out article and one which Andre Villas Boas would do himself a favour in reading.

The clues are many, the candidates few.
Can you help us unmask:
"The Secret Footballer”?

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The Secret Footballer played for a big club - one of these 6?

TSF Played for a ‘Big Club’

In the article TSF states that he played for a big club, at which he was in a situation for six months whereby he was desperate to leave…

Victoria Derbyshire and TSF

Victoria Derbyshire backs TSF in to a corner

In today’s interview on BBC 5 live Victoria Derbyshire backed TSF in to a corner and managed to get him to reveal that he has been telling us some porkies… (more…)

Dave Kitson: Who Is The Secret Footballer?

Dave Kitson is The Secret Footballer



The Secret Footballer appearing on TV show

The Secret Footballer has produced some videos to appear regularly on a popular nightly television show called ‘Inside the Premier League’. (more…)

Frank Lampard Secret Footballer

Frank Lampard is The Secret Footballer

The Secret Footballer has today revealed on twitter… (more…)

A New Poll

A week shy of running for a year and after almost 10,000 votes, we’ve closed the last poll (with Kevin Davies finishing well above anyone else).

Exclusive In-Person Interview with TSF

After weeks of nagging and pestering, WhoisTSF managed to secure a one-on-one interview with The Secret Footballer, the only one he’s done, and is ever likely to do! Naturally he didn’t want us to learn of his identity so he asked us to come as just one person, pull up in a certain lay-by just […]

I am The Secret Footballer

For the very first time, The Secret Footballer has been captured on camera. His identity has got a nation of football fans guessing.

Dave Kitson: Who Is The Secret Footballer?

Speculaton Hotting Up

With TSF due to release a book and plenty of new clues, the speculation is rife once again and there are some new names being banded around. (more…)


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Poll results + your suggestions

Having implemented the new poll whereby you’ve been able to submit your own suggestions when voting for ‘Other’, we now have a list of other possible candidates. 34% of votes were cast for ‘Other’ and below is a list of all of the suggestions you’ve made in order of the number of votes they’ve each […]

Paolo Di Canio reference removed

Ok, so many of you have a problem with the ‘Paolo’ reference from the article on April 30th that I’m removing it from the checklist to see if we can get close without this clue. (more…)

The Secret Footballer is white …right?

As Tom points out in his comment on yesterday’s post TSF’s racism article does quite strongly imply that he himself is white. The quote is below. (more…)

TSF on racism in football

This week TSF wrote a spot on article talking about racism in football in reaction to the abuse received by Ashley Young, Ashley Cole and Theo Walcott in Bulgaria last Friday evening. It is true that England has gone a long way to eradicating racism on the terraces in the past few decades, though just […]

TSF on English goalkeepers

The latest article refers to the fact that there were only four English goalkeepers that started in the Premiership last weekend (two of whom have retired from internationals) and goes on to explore some possible reasons as to why England are seemingly lacking in the area. (more…)

TSF on agents, ‘tapping up’ and deadline day

Fascinating article again from TSF. Of course ‘tapping up’ happens in all walks of life, but it is funny how it’s made out to be a cardinal sin by modern day media when in fact we’d be stupid to think it wouldn’t happen. We seem to have learnt two things from this article: 1. That […]

New Poll

After this weekend’s article ruled Danny Murphy out I posted a new poll asking who you now thought The Secret Footballer might be: The 4 options were our 3 currently remaining candidates as well as ‘other’. By the end of the weekend 62% of your 283 votes were for ‘other’. I have therefore decided to […]

TSF on new boys in the big time

This is a great article on the attitudes of players and clubs towards being in the Premier League for the first time. TSF manages to take a nice little swipe at the lazy punditry we see all over, in this case it is Alan Hansen and MOTD that take the glut. He says he has […]

TSF on going in to a new season

The new Premier League season is upon us and so returns our favourite covert, scribbling footballer. The first article of the new season is about what the opening day entails for a footballer. He talks of the buzz created from a first day victory as well as the bedding in of new players. Not a […]

Can we now rule Danny Murphy out?

Danny Murphy has been the general favourite in the polls since this site set up. Not only that, but his popularity as the number one candidate gradually rose from 33% of voters from the first poll back in April to a whopping 63% in the recently concluded off-season poll. (more…)

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10% off Toffs retro football kits

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Early pre-season

On 23rd June TSF tweeted, “First run today, almost died but never EVER be the one that stops running first!!“, implying that he was with team members on first day of pre-season. 23rd of June is indeed very early to return to pre-season, though not for Fulham whose first match of the season was just […]

TSF on Survival Sunday

A brilliant last piece of the season from TSF giving a great insight in to what it feels like for a footballer going in to ‘Survival Sunday’. He draws from his own experiences, revealing that he himself had been involved in a last match of the season relegation fight. The web address of the page […]

Guardian Secret Footballer tweet

A revealing tweet!

UPDATE: As correctly pointed out by GeorgiDoesStuff on twitter and Saurya Sengupta (below) this could well be talking about another season as The Secret Footballer! Point 20 will now be removed from the checklist and a couple who’ve been ruled out reinstated…! (more…)

TSF on the lost passion of the FA Cup

Today’s article from the Guardian’s Secret Footballer is about the passion of the FA Cup. Or more, the loss of it. Yesterday he tweeted “Where has this passion for the cup gone? Does anybody care about the FA Cup?” and quoted Bill Shankly saying, “Sickness would not have kept me away from this one…If I’d […]

TSF on referees

A fascinating insight in this week’s article from The Secret Footballer. Learning that some referees swear at the players, telling them to “fuck off if we go near them and worse” really did surprise me. No real clues this week in terms of his identity. Ok, he has been poked in the chest by Howard […]

Dave Kitson

Always thought he was more of a red top man… (more…)

Nicky Shorey

I’m Shorey writes the column (more…)

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