This week’s article from TSF confirms again that he had signed (permanently) for a ‘big’ Premier League club and things went wrong right from the beginning. He wasn’t getting a game and his manager ‘hated’ him. In the end TSF went out on loan.

Clues about the team he went on loan to are that they weren’t playing well at the time and TSF was there for a duration of 10 matches. Clues about the ‘big’ team he was on loan from was that they defended as a team but attacked in numbers of 3 at the most.

The loan move ‘did the job’ for TSF and secured him a permanent move to another club … where things again didn’t go smoothly, but in different circumstances. Another clue to note in the article is that TSF states that he is a shy man.

So the questions:

  1. Who was the ‘big’ Premier League Club
  2. Which manager hated TSF?
  3. Who did TSF go out on loan to as a result?

Anwers on a postcard (or, perhaps better, in the fancy new comments section below)…