Tales from the Secret Footballer

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Football’s biggest characters tell it like it is.

The Secret Footballer is back. And this time his mates speak out too.

Players, agents, coaches and managers give you access all areas. From deal-making to play-making, from dodgy tactics to drunken antics, they reveal the unforgettable highs and the unforgivable lows.

This is football as you’ve never seen it before.


Tales From The Secret Footballer

Loaded Review

“What happens behind closed doors at Premiership clubs usually stays firmly shut behind closed doors. Not if the Secret Footballer has anything to do with it”

Trade review

Following on from the bestselling, “I Am The Secret Footballer: Lifting the Lid on the Beautiful Game“, which shocked the world with its no-holds-barred account of life as a professional footballer, this gathers more stories of players, teams and tactics, banter, fights and escapades, yachts, champagne, and girls in the footballing world. The identities of the players are protected but few will be able to resist trying to guess who they are and who is behind the gossip! ‘Part of the fun is guessing who he is’ “FT”

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