Ok, so who can this manager be? It was when The Secret Footballer was still a young man:

“Some players want to be managers. But some managers still want to be players. I remember at one club being fined for going out to a pub with a couple of friends while injured. Notwithstanding the fact that this was a Tuesday evening, and therefore not in conflict with the rule that you must not be on licensed premises 48 hours before a game, the argument from my manager was that any alcohol would hamper my rehab. He fined me two weeks’ wages.

“I didn’t argue, but as I left his room he turned from manager to player and, with a big, fat, stupid grin on his face, asked: ‘By the way, did you get hold of anything?’ He was referring to whether or not I escorted a young lady home, despite the fact that he knew I had a long-term girlfriend, and, as it turns out, was more disappointed that I had no story to tell than with what he was fining me for in the first place. That day we both lost respect for each other but for very different reasons.”

Glenn Hoddle? Other offers?