The Secret Footballer is an unknown sportswriter who reveals in-depth knowledge about the behind-the-scenes action regarding worldwide football. Alongside publishing numerous soccer-based books, the man behind the curtain is also a frequent writer for The Guardian and a variety of other top-level news media campaigns.

As a result of the great success experienced by The Secret Footballer off the field, the growing mystery behind his identity continues to keep fans guessing. We wouldn’t be surprised if top bookmakers such as would have odds listed on who this person is.

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Not only does our site keep tabs on the paradoxical publisher’s books, but we also strive to keep you in-the-know concerning all clues which might reveal this man’s secret identity. So, feel free to comb through the page and reduce from the plethora of provided information who this anonymous writer might be.

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As published by London’s Daily Mirror, many football fans believe Dave Kitson to be the anonymous author and the actual “Secret Footballer.” However, the past striker for both Reading and Stoke City has yet to confirm these allegations.

What’s more, when reviewing the evidence surrounding Kitson as the anonymous writer, too many discrepancies exist for this concealed character to be a single individual. Of course, The Secret Footballer has been smart enough to remain undercover over the years. So, perhaps this enigmatic writer purposely peppered his works with false leads and dead ends– making the pursuit of this secret scribe one big wild goose chase.

In any event, let’s take a look at England’s former striker, David Barry Kitson, both on and off the field.

Perhaps by digging up some dirt on Hitchin’s hometown pro, we’ll get that much closer to the truth behind the wily wordsmith that is The Secret Footballer.

A Closer Look At The Secret Footballer

After reviewing the literature released by The Secret Footballer, highlighting important stories and events from his books, and viewing various interviews from the covert character, here is a list of some telling clues about the classified chronicler:

Basic pedigree

1. For starters, we know The Secret Footballer is English, married, and a parent of one — a daughter.

Professional associates

2. We also know that the private “poet” played for several different managers (four to be exact), with two of the managers operating within Premier League clubs.

Additionally, one of the managers played under by the mysterious author let his dressing room get out of hand.

Does he play well with others? 

3. Another telling sign of The Secret Footballer’s true identity has to do with his interpersonal relationships with players, managers, and teams throughout the sport. For instance, we know The Secret Footballer hates Chelsea. In fact, he even came to blows with the team’s successful, albeit former captain John Terry. 

Furthermore, he’s a fan of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and holds a high opinion of the manager, and former player, Henry James Redknapp. Plus, it’s well known the clandestine personage has a friend in an African player fielded by a Russian team. And, to say nothing of his former roommate that had a gambling problem wouldn’t be fair. 

By the same token, we know The Secret Footballer played with a fussy forward who refused to run and a team that had money problems. Not to mention, the private perpetrator played for a lower league team early on in his professional career and earned Player of the Season two years in a row.

Does he stay in one place?

4. Another way we might deduce who the secret man is behind so many insightful backstage stories is by noting the moves throughout his career. First, we know The Secret Footballer had ties to a deadline-day transfer. Second, we know football’s mystery man couldn’t have played for Arsenal or Man City at the conclusion of the 2010-11 season. Third, the private player attended trials at Millwall. Fourth, The Secret Footballer experienced relegation and re-signing by a Premier League club in the subsequent season.

Personality is important

5. Finally, let’s take a look at the overall character of The Secret Footballer. To begin with, The Secret Footballer holds an expert’s opinion about the game and may have even commentated during league play. Finally, alongside receiving a red card at Old Trafford, we know from his excitable antics and feisty field stories that The Secret Footballer isn’t exactly a player who followed all the rules.

Given these points, it’s not hard to see why Kitson receives so much press as the unofficial “secret footballer.” Together with a nearly identical career history to that recounted in his books, after watching his interviews and recognizing the similarity in tone to The Secret Footballer, accepting Kitson as the player in hiding isn’t too big a stretch of the imagination.

In The Long Run

The time-honored tale behind footy’s mystery man goes unresolved. While fans can speculate until they’re as mad as a meat axe, there’s no point in getting worked up without the facts.

On the other hand, if you want to comb through endless lists of candidates, Who Is The Secret Footballer? can help you there. Maybe you will be the whistleblower and bring an end to this player’s deception. Just don’t forget — however vexing this player’s charade may be to many, the discerning and enjoyable authorship behind books like How to Win: Lessons from the Premier League and The Secret Footballer’s Guide to the Modern Game are testaments of a widely-liked body of literature.