In TSF’s article this week congratulating Rickie Lambert’s dream England debut he talks about his own debuts.

The first clue he gives us is that his team won on his professional debut with a goal 5 minutes from time. That goal was not scored by TSF himself. That should help with some of our current candidates … which of them won on their professional debut with a goal 5 minutes from time?

He also says that he once played for a newly promoted Premier League club who got ‘thumped’ on their first game but went on to have success. The actual quote is:

“I can remember being thumped after one of my debuts to the point where I thought I’d made an enormous mistake by signing for my new team. That came after a Premier League game and was made worse by lazy newspaper reports that carried that tired old “Welcome to the Premier League” sentiment. Believe me, we soon rammed that down their throats.”

Some good clues to chew on this week as the Premier League and Spanish La Liga kick off. Post your thoughts below.