In today’s article from The Secret Footballer, his first since the release of his new book on Thursday, he talks about the revelations in Sir Alex Ferguson’s book, Alex Ferguson My Autobiography, and the consequences that are being felt across the footballing world and indeed by TSF himself.

The problem TSF has with the book is that it’s competing with his very own, and that of Sven Goran Eriksen, Sven: My Story, for the role of best seller.

The real repercussions across the rest of the footballing world were felt most by the likes of David Beckham and Roy Keane. TSF tells the story of what Keane said to Ferguson in the dressing room, the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as Keane’s Manchester United career was concerned.

TSF says the this story was told to him buy an ‘international team-mate’ who was present in the Manchester United dressing room at the time, a guy who took abuse himself from Keane. Any ideas who that might be? Get your comments in at the bottom of this page…

It’s a fascinating extra little bit of insight in to that whole chapter between Keane and Ferguson and well worth popping over to to read.