Right, let’s get this thing rolling again… Starting from TSF’s latest article, last Saturday’s ‘Benteke Bombshell is no Accident‘.

In the article TSF states that he played for a big club, at which he was in a situation for six months whereby he was desperate to leave:

When I was going through the same thing at a big club, the hostility was such that I was desperate to leave and the manager was desperate for me to leave.

If you want to get deep in to the investigation he also tells us that by the time he was sold his remaining wages and bonuses due amounted to a cool 1.5 million pounds.

So how big do we reckon TSF means when he say a ‘big club’? And of our potential canditates, who could this include or rule out?

The Secret Footballer played for a big club - one of these 6?

TSF played for a big club – one of these 6?