In today’s interview on BBC 5 live Victoria Derbyshire backed TSF in to a corner and managed to get him to reveal that he has been telling us some porkies…

The Secret Footballer told us in our interview with him that 95% of his stories told happened to him, the other 5% happening to other players, at other clubs. He then said that with these 5% he always clearly points this out by starting, ‘a friend of mine…’

He re-iterated this very fact at the beginning of today’s interview with Victoria on BBC Radio 5 Live. However, further in she managed to get it out of him that he hadn’t played actually professional football abroad, despite saying in one of his articles that he had. He then back tracked and admitted that this was referring to a fellow footballer.

What of course this means is that many of the clues we have could be rubbish! Although they may be true in ‘fact’ we now know that we shouldn’t necessarily read The Secret Footballer’s stories as actually true to him.

What do we make of this? Does this make TSF more likely to be someone in particular or does it throw the guessing game wide open and bring back in candidates that we’ve ruled out?

Right click this link and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download TSF’s interview with Victoria Derbyshire today.