Fascinating article again from TSF. Of course ‘tapping up’ happens in all walks of life, but it is funny how it’s made out to be a cardinal sin by modern day media when in fact we’d be stupid to think it wouldn’t happen.

We seem to have learnt two things from this article:

1. That TSF was both on the verge of transferring in the last few minutes of a deadline day only for it to fall through.
2. On another occasion he did complete a transfer on deadline day.

I say this because in one instance he says ‘If I had put pen to paper‘, suggesting the deal fell through when he didn’t put pen to paper with only half an hour of the window left. And in other instance he says ‘I knew I would be moving‘ and talks about a ‘far from illuminating’ chat with the manager who had just signed him on deadline day.

This must surely help us narrow it down a bit?